State of the District Report

The tenth edition of Wakefield’s State of the District report is structured around the district Outcomes Framework, focusing on the four key priorities of the Local Services Board, which are as follows:

Caring for Our People

By working with our partners we will,

• make sure vulnerable adults are supported and safe
• make our communities safer
• support people to be healthy
• support people to be ready for work

Ambitious for Our Young People

By working with our partners we will,

• make sure all children are supported and safe
• support all children to achieve their potential
• make sure all children have the best possible start in life

Caring for Our Places

By working with our partners we will,

• Support people to get more skills
• Make the local economy stronger
• Improve transport links and access to high speed broadband
• Make sure all our communities benefit from economic growth

Modern Public Services

By working with our partners we will,

• Support our communities to be stronger
• Help people receive care services closer to their homes
• Work together better and deliver more joined up services

State of the District Report May 2017

The report provides an update on the latest social, economic, health and wellbeing trends across Wakefield District. With other local information, the report is designed to support and inform the Wakefield Together Partnership in local decision-making and provide information to support stakeholder with their business.

The report contains important facts and figures about the conditions and circumstances affecting people’s lives in the district in Spring 2017. Also covered is information on how the demographics of Wakefield are changing and the extent to which people are healthy, safe, financially secure and satisfied with their local environment, especially during a period of major reductions in public spending and recovery from a major economic downturn. It also highlights inequalities that exist within the district.

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