Welcome to the Wakefield JSNA

What’s new?

Changes to how the Wakefield JSNA is presented

We are changing the way we present the Wakefield Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA), with the aim of creating a more user-friendly and useable resource which can be maintained effectively. The website will provide a core offering of pages that are maintained throughout the year. Outside of the core offer, there will also be a rolling programme of in-depth topic analyses.

Core In-depth topics
Recent Upcoming
Population Smoking    Jul '23 Dementia
Ethnicity Maternity    Jul '23 Obesity
Migration    Nov '23 Drug use    Sep '23 Child and adolescent mental health
Births and deaths Cancer    Oct '23
Life expectancy Special educational needs    Oct '23
School Health Survey Sensory impairment    Oct '23
Adult Population Health Survey    Jul '23
Neighbourhood profiles
Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment
National Child Measurement Programme

What is the JSNA?

The Wakefield Joint Strategic Needs Assessment is a source of information about the health and wellbeing needs and characteristics of the Wakefield District population, including services and initiative that support this. It is developed and maintained by the Public Health Intelligence team in collaboration with health, social care and other partners.

What can the JSNA be used for?

The information in the JSNA can have a wide range of uses, including, to help make service commissioning decisions; to support funding bids; and for research and education. The JSNA is for anyone with an interest in the health and wellbeing of the population – professionals, elected representatives and members of the public.

The JSNA Annual Summaries are a good starting point for people new to the JSNA, as is the 10 Facts for Wakefield District page.

The Public Health Intelligence Team and Corporate Intelligence Team frequently update this site, so please regularly check back in to stay up to date. If you have any questions, please contact the Public Health Intelligence team at phi@wakefield.gov.uk.