Children’s Vulnerable Groups

Children’s Vulnerable Groups

Children in Care and Care Leavers

Headlines There number of children in care (CiC) in Wakefield as at 31st of March 2021 was 638 which was very similar to the number in March 2020 which was 640. The rate of children in care in Wakefield (per 10,000 population) was 85 in 2021 which was higher than the national rate of 67 … Continue reading "Children in Care and Care Leavers"

Children with Need (CiN)

Headlines The rate of referral to Children’s Social Care (per 10,000 population) has increased significantly between 2017 and 2020 with a decrease in 2021. The rate of children in need (per 10,000 population) decreased in 2021. In 2021, there was almost an equal percentage of girls and boys assessed as children in need and the … Continue reading "Children with Need (CiN)"

Children with Child Protection Plans (CPP)

1. Headlines A significant increase in Child Protection activity (Section 47 Investigations & Initial Child Protection Conferences) was seen in 2019 and 2020 with a slight decrease in volume of activity in 2021. There was a much higher percentage of Initial Child Protection Conferences held within timescale in 2020 compared with previous years with a … Continue reading "Children with Child Protection Plans (CPP)"

Special Educational Needs

Published: September 2023 Headlines In Wakefield a total of 10,610 school age pupils have been identified as formally requiring extra help at school due to having special educational needs (SEN), 18.2% of the total pupil population. 7,895 pupils receive SEN Support (extra support usually within mainstream school) and 2,715 have an Education, Health and Care … Continue reading "Special Educational Needs"