Adult Population Health Survey 2023

Adult Population Health Survey 2023 front cover of final report

Wakefield Council, along with its partner health organisations, is committed to working together with local communities to improve the health of the population overall, as well as closing the gap between the health of people in the most well-off areas of the district and people who live in poorer areas. Hearing directly from residents about their physical and mental health, and the things they do and experience in their daily lives, helps us to better understand local health needs and to design better services.

To support these aims, Wakefield Council asked an independent research agency, BMG Research, to conduct a survey of adults living in Wakefield District. Questionnaires were distributed during March and April 2023 and 3,450 responses were received. We sincerely thank everyone who participated in this survey.

Reports Available for Download

Wakefield District Adult Population Health Survey 2023 Final Report
Wakefield District Adult Population Health Survey 2023 Questionnaire

Additional reports focussing on specific topics will be made available below as they are produced.

Addendum – Correction to physical activity statistics.