School Health Survey 2020

The Wakefield School Health Survey has been carried out in Wakefield District approximately every two years since 2009. Its aim is to collect information about the health and wellbeing of school children living throughout the Wakefield District. This information being used to shape and inform the work of schools and a range of other key services.

In 2020 a new survey questionnaire was developed and rolled out to the 90 of the 120 eligible primary and secondary schools in the district (Years 3, 5, 7 and 9) that had agreed to participate. This data collection phase was originally planned to run between January and April 2020 (Spring Term). However the COVID-19 pandemic caused a premature end to data collection in early March 2020. Fortunately the vast majority of participating schools had either partly or fully completed the survey by this time.

It was originally planned that the analysis of the survey data would be carried out by the Public Health Intelligence Team. However the capacity issues caused by the increased work load created by the COVID19 pandemic made this impractical. So in August 2020, Enventure Research were commissioned to analyse the collected data and create a number of summary reports highlighting key findings. There were five reports created, one for each year group as well as a report that looks to draw comparisons between the different age groups.

The reports are available via the links at the bottom of the page.

The image below is an example of how the reports look.


Year 3 report 2020

Year 5 report 2020

Year 7 report 2020

Year 9 report 2020

Year group comparison 2020