Greenspace Needs Assessments

What is a Greenspace Needs Assessment?

Greenspace Needs Assessments contain an appraisal of recreational greenspace provision in the context of residents’ existing levels of exercise and health. There are seven Greenspace Needs Assessments which cover the whole of the district.

Greenspace standards are applied to all accessible greenspaces – catchment distances presented in the Local Plan are used to appraise residents’ accessibility to greenspace – amount standards presented in the draft Greenspace Technical Document are used to appraise the amount of local greenspace.

Greenspace Needs Assessments provide evidence to support strategic decision making related to management of greenspace – the assessments do not state what should happen to individual greenspaces – or where new sites should be created.

You can access the seven Greenspace Needs Assessments by selecting one from the list below.

A note from the Wakefield Council Streetscene services:

“Our vision is for a network of attractive and connected accessible greenspaces that are valued by residents, enhance their health and wellbeing and support the recovery of nature and wildlife.

Greenspace Needs Assessments provide the baseline evidence to support the decision-making process on our journey to create a more sustainable, easily accessible and fairly distributed greenspace network.

There are seven Greenspace Needs Assessments which cover the whole of the district, each one contains an appraisal of recreational greenspace provision and a summary of residents’ health and wellbeing.”


The Wakefield District Greenspace Needs Assessments:

Castleford March 2021

Normanton and Featherstone March 2021

Pontefract and Knottingley March 2021

South East March 2021

Wakefield Central March 2021

Wakefield North West March 2021

Wakefield Rural March 2021