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A disability is a physical or mental condition that limits a person’s movements, senses, or activities. It can be a permanent injury, illness or health problem which tends to be restricting in some way, and has a substantial effect on a persons’ daily life.

Recording Primary Support Reasons allows information to be available locally and nationally on the needs of individuals.  All our social care service users are assigned to a primary support reason and we have to report against these categories for our key statutory returns.

Service users in receipt of long term support care managed by Wakefield Council
Latest figures below in terms of the numbers of adult social care service users (long term) supported by the Council broken down into the primary support reasons:

The Population

The table below shows the Wakefield population aged 18-64 predicted to have a moderate or serious physical disability, by age, projected to 2021.

Source: PANSI and POPPI.

Comparison to Other Local Authorities

Comparing Wakefield to other LA’s and England.
The below demonstrates the current position in Wakefield in relation to our Yorkshire and Humber neighbours across several of the key disability indicators. Wakefield is currently similar than the England average for many indicators (those indicators coloured yellow).
You can click on the “trends” option below to explore the trends in the various measures.

Source: Public Health England


Information on how to access adult social care services and what services are available
Wakefield Councils’ Adults & Older Peoples Services
In particular some useful links within here to:

  • Social Care Direct
  • Care needs assessment
  • Older People
  • Long Term Conditions
Prevalence data

Whilst we can only provide specific information on disabilities of people we are care managing and providing services for; there are other sources of information in terms of estimated prevalence for disabilities of people within the district in general.

Projecting Older People Population Information (POPPI), and Projecting Adult Needs and Service Information (PANSI) are used for exploring the possible impact that demography and certain conditions may have on specific populations:
POPPI – aged 65 and over, and
PANSI – aged 18 to 64.


Primary Support Reason

The Primary Support Reason describes why the individual requires social care support; the primary disability / impairment impacting on the individual’s quality of life and creating a need for support and assistive care. The primary support reason should be identified and recorded at the point of assessment, and then any changes recorded during subsequent reviews. Examples and descriptions of the Primary Support Reason categories are provided earlier within this framework.