Registered Population

The Wakefield registered population is made up of people who are registered to a GP Practice that is part of the Wakefield Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). Patients can chose to register with any GP Practice that accepts them, and as a result patients don’t have to live within the Wakefield District boundary to be registered to a Wakefield GP.

The Wakefield registered population is approximately 370,000. This means that Wakefield Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is the 40th largest CCG in England and Wales. Around 20,000 of the registered population are not resident within Wakefield District, but live within neighbouring authorities and travel into the district to visit their GP.

The registered population follows a similar structure to that of the resident population, with an ageing population and greater numbers of women in older age than men. There is some variance in the population profiles seen at different GP Practices, which is often dependent of the Practice location within the district. Practices that are located in the deprived areas of the district, such as Eastmoor and Homestead, tend to have a younger population profile and this can be seen by selecting the different Practices on the population pyramid dashboard below.

The tables underneath the dashboard give the actual numbers and the respective percentages, based on the selections you make.

Data Source: Primary Care System. Snapshot position in November 2017.

Geographical Spread

The below map provides a means of assessing where the registered population lives. You can select one or more GP Practice from the drop down menu and the map will change to show the spread of the selected population and where the majority of them reside.