Life Expectancy

Compared to the national average the Wakefield is behind the national average levels for both genders. Historically there has been a gulf between males and females in the area, which continues to the present. in the most recently available information, male life expectancy for Wakefield is 78 years. Female Life expectancy is 82 years, this is significantly behind the national average of 79. and 83.1 respectively.
Importantly this in recent times has seen little improvement, suggesting a stagnation in gains for Wakefield residents.

Healthy Life Expectancy, an estimate of how many year a person on average can expect to free of illness or injury in their life shows a growing inequality for Wakefield. Males and Females are significantly behind the national average. Males are likely to have 58.6 year of Healthy life compared to the national average of 63.4. For Females in Wakefield they can expect 60.5 years compared with a national average of 64.1 years.

The Challenges


The Inequality

The same number of years of life expectancy is not experienced by all equally across the District. The more deprived areas in the district, experience lower values of life expectancy on the whole. The three most deprived deciles across the district are significantly lower than the district average, which in turn is significantly lower than the national average.

Inequalities in Life Expectancy are growing in Wakefield, with deprived women under 75 fairing increasing more poorly in the district. In parts of the district women are experiencing disability for 20 years at the end of their lives.


Inequalities in Life Expectancy in Wakefield Council