Life Expectancy


  • Life expectancy has decreased slightly for both males and females from 2016-18 to 2017-19. It was at its highest in 2014-16.
  • There are 7.691 years difference between female life expectancy in the most deprived decile and least deprived decile and 8.242 years between the same for males (2017-19).
  • Wakefield East is the ward with the lowest life expectancy with 77.35 for females and 72.78 for males, both are significantly lower than the district average. Stanley and Outwood East has the highest (2017-19).
  • When looking at the 7 areas, Wakefield rural has the highest life expectancy for both males and females (2017-19).

Male life expectancy for Wakefield on the whole is 78.23 years (2016-18) and female life expectancy is 81.88 years (2016-18), these are below the national average of 79.6 (2016-18) for males and 83.2 (2016-18) for females. Importantly, in recent times there has been little improvement in life expectancy, suggesting a stagnation in gains for Wakefield residents.

Healthy Life Expectancy, an estimate of how many years a person on average can expect to live free of illness or injury in their life shows a growing inequality for Wakefield. Males and females are significantly behind the national average. Males are likely to have 58.6 (2016-18) years of healthy life compared to the national average of 63.4 (2016-18). Females in Wakefield can expect 57.5 (2016-18) years compared with the national average of 63.9 years (2016-18).

The Challenges

The Inequality

The same number of years of life expectancy is not experienced equally across the District. The more deprived areas in the district experience lower values of life expectancy on the whole. The most deprived deciles across the district are significantly lower than the district average, while the least deprived are significantly higher.

These inequalities are seen across various geography types. The dashboard below allows you to select by geography types, gender and years to see the differences.


Inequalities in Life Expectancy in Wakefield Council