Market Position – Key Messages

Key Messages

Demand for care and support continues to increase as people are generally living longer as a consequence of medical advances together with the transition into older age of the baby boomer era. However negative lifestyle choices are impacting on the population’s long-term conditions be that smoking, alcohol consumption, obesity, lack of exercise. It

is clear that this increase in demand for services together with massive reductions in resources will impact on frontline services.

The Council supports approximately 8,700 with Adult Social Care services in the following client groupings

Whilst the demography of the supported population is growing, so is the proportion of individuals diverted from long term care. This planned development is crucial, and has resulted in an approximate 3% reduction in the number of adults receiving services year on year over the past two years.

Total number of adult clients (all ages) receiving services

As government funding continues to reduce, reablement, assistive technology, the provision of information and advice together with signposting to lower level third sector support mechanisms will play their part in a viable and sustainable adult social care system moving forward. Recognising that the extreme financial position that the Public Sector faces potentially jeopardises the support and funding of such services.

Value for money will continue to drive all commissioning decisions inevitably leading to more services purchased from independent, voluntary and community organisations as opposed to in-house provision.

The continued drive of personalisation will lead to individuals seeking a wider and more flexible range of support mechanisms. Increasingly the funding provided by the Council will be spent by individuals using Personal Budgets and Direct Payments however in all cases decisions about the provision of care and support must be determined by the value for money that can be achieved in the furtherance of specific and individual objectives.

The integration of Community Health and Social Care services is an important opportunity to better meet needs in a holistic way whilst maximising savings and efficiencies. Such plans are being actively developed locally. The planned reduction

in hospital in-bed facilities will place further demands on community services. An effective integrated health and social care community service is being planned and implemented to assist in reducing the demand for hospital admissions whilst supporting early discharge from hospital.




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Residential Care




Nursing Care




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New client contacts whose needs

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