Under 5 Immunisations

Headlines: Vaccination coverage in Wakefield is above the national average Coverage varies between individual vaccinations The more central Wakefield wards have lower vaccine coverage than the rest of the district In the first few years of life, babies are given a number of vaccinations to help protect them against potentially life-threatening diseases. Ensuring that as … Continue reading "Under 5 Immunisations"

Early Help

What is Early Help? Whilst most children and young people do well and manage difficulties throughout their lives, some have important disadvantages that can become serious.  Early Help is about identifying children and young people earlier who may need help and support with issues before things reach crisis point.  It’s better to identify and deal … Continue reading "Early Help"

Children First Hubs

What are Children First Hubs? Children First Hubs are a key part of the district wide Early Help offer providing a range of services for families in the Wakefield district including targeted support to families with complex or multiple issues: School attendance problems Have a child who needs help Domestic abuse Employment and debt problems Health … Continue reading "Children First Hubs"