Lifestyle and Health Related Behaviours

Physical Activity in Children

The Population An active lifestyle which includes a good amount of physical activity is important for everyone, especially children. Physical activity helps children keep a healthy body weight, improve their mood, keep their heart and lungs health and lowers the risk of several diseases and long term health conditions. The current physical activity guidelines for … Continue reading "Physical Activity in Children"

Diet and Nutrition in Children

Headlines • 13% of children aged 9-10 report having no breakfast or just a drink • 30% of children aged 13-14 consume fizzy drinks or energy drinks on most days • 47% of children aged 16-17 consume fruit/veg on most days The Population Diet and nutrition in children has a significant not only on growth … Continue reading "Diet and Nutrition in Children"

Smoking in Children

Headlines Approximately 8.2% of 15 year olds in Wakefield are smokers (2014/15). 5.5% of 15 year olds are regular smokers (2014/15). 18.5% of 15 year olds use e-cigarettes (2014/15). The Population Smoking has been identified as the main reason why poorer people die younger. Children who smoke become addicted to nicotine very quickly, and they … Continue reading "Smoking in Children"

Smoking in pregnancy

Headlines Each year there are around 4,000 births to Wakefield mums. Fewer women in Wakefield are smoking in pregnancy; however Wakefield remains an outlier when compared to our neighbours and the national average. Smoking in pregnancy rates are highest in the most deprived areas in Wakefield. Young mums, under the age of 20 have the … Continue reading "Smoking in pregnancy"

School Health Survey

Wakefield district Public Health team have been using the School Health Survey (previously called the “Health Related Behaviour Questionnaire”) every two years since 2009 as a way of collecting robust information about young people’s health and lifestyles. The most recent version of this survey was carried out during 2020. This survey is an essential source … Continue reading "School Health Survey"

Maternal Weight

Headlines In 2018/19 around 2,000 women (54%) women in Wakefield District were overweight or obese when they booked their pregnancy. The percentage of women with a healthy weight at the time of booking their pregnancy has decreased in recent years, from around 45% in 2014/15 to 42% (1,600) in 2018/19. Younger women (aged under 20) … Continue reading "Maternal Weight"


Headlines Each year there are around 4,000 births to women living in Wakefield District Breastfeeding rates in Wakefield are low The number of women starting to breastfeed their baby is falling, around half of women start to breastfeed their baby Of those women who start to breastfeed their baby, more are still breastfeeding by the … Continue reading "Breastfeeding"