Health and Wellbeing Factors

Childhood Obesity

 Headlines Childhood obesity in increasing in Wakefield. Today, in England, nearly a third of children aged 2 to 15 are overweight or obese.  Globally, the younger generation are becoming obese at earlier stages and staying obese for longer. 20.5% of Year 6 children (10 to 11 years old) in Wakefield are classified as obese, and … Continue reading "Childhood Obesity"

Long-Term Conditions

Headlines Hospital admissions due to asthma, epilepsy and diabetes are similar to the national average among under 19’s in Wakefield Hospital admissions due to asthma are increasing among under 19’s in Wakefield Around 4.6% of children registered to a Wakefield GP have asthma The population Long term conditions (LTCs) are health conditions that can’t, at present, be … Continue reading "Long-Term Conditions"

Sexual Health

Headlines Chlamydia detection rates, a measure of disease control, are higher in Wakefield than they are nationally. Only 40% of 13-14 year olds surveyed as part of the HRBQ said they know where to get condoms free of charge. The proportion of children aged 13-14 in care who responded they were sexually active was double … Continue reading "Sexual Health"

Child and Adolescent Accidents and Injuries

Headlines Wakefield has high rates of hospital admissions caused by unintentional and deliberate injuries in children. Wakefield has the highest rate regionally of hospital admissions caused by unintentional and deliberate injuries in 0 to 4 year olds. Rates in 2016/17 showed and increase from those in 2015/16. The Population Injuries are a leading cause of hospitalisation … Continue reading "Child and Adolescent Accidents and Injuries"

Oral Health

Headlines The Population Oral health is important to general health and wellbeing; tooth decay is a predominantly preventable disease that can reduce quality of life and is expensive to treat. It can particularly disturb a child’s quality of life by causing pain and infection that may result in sleep deprivation and time off from school. … Continue reading "Oral Health"

Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing

Headlines The Population Emotional health and wellbeing, also referred to as mental health, affects an individual’s ability to cope and manage with change, transition and life events. Being emotionally resilient and having positive mental health will assist children and young people with their transition into adulthood. The majority of adult mental health disorders have their … Continue reading "Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing"