NHS Health Checks


  • The NHS Health Check is a health check-up for adults aged between 40 and 74. It is a series of tests aimed at detecting early signs of cardio-vascular disease (CVD).
  • In Wakefield, around 10% of people who receive a check have undiagnosed CVD or are identified as having a CVD risk score of greater than 20%.
  • Men in Wakefield are three times more likely to have undiscovered CVD or be at high risk of CVD than women.
  • In the last five years around 60% of those eligible population in Wakefield were offered an NHS Health Check, compared to 78% nationally.
  • In the last five years around 21% of the eligible population in Wakefield received an NHS Health Check, compared to 38% nationally.

The Population

The eligible population are adults aged between 40 and 74 who do not have a diagnosis of a cardio-vascular disease and have not received an NHS Health Check in the last five years. NHS England estimate the current eligible population in Wakefield to be 101,732 people. Each year the expectation is that 20% of these will be offered an NHS Health Check.

The Challenges

The population of Wakefield exhibits a lot of the risk factors that are associated with cardio-vascular disease, for example high levels of excess weight in adults (70% of adults are overweight) and high prevalence of smoking (19.5% of adults smoke). Wakefield also has a high prevalence of hypertension (15.3% compared to 13.8% nationally) and it is estimated that due to all the undiscovered instances of hypertension the true prevalence could be nearer 25% (Public Health England, 2014).

You can use the headings below to explore the levels of performance, risk factors and disease prevalence in Wakefield:

The Inequality

At the end of 2016 a new NHS Health Check service was procured in Wakefield. Prior to this procurement a review was carried out on the previous service and a report was written detailing the findings. You can read the report here: NHS Health Checks Summary report Dec 2016
This report found that there were some existing inequalities in terms of the undiagnosed ill health in the Wakefield population.

  • Men were three times more likely to have undiscovered CVD or be at high risk of CVD.
  • People living in the most deprived areas of Wakefield are almost twice as likely to have undiscovered CVD or be at high risk of CVD, compared to those in the last deprived areas.

Service Provision

Following a period of service re-design, which included looking at the patient feedback we had received, Public Health specified the following requirements for the NHS Health Checks programme:

  • The service will target sections of the population who have been proven to benefit the most from receiving an NHS Health Check.
  • The service will reach out to communities, delivering health checks in additional venues that are easily accessible.
  • Patients will be provided with an information booklet, detailing their results and explaining what they mean.
  • Patients will be provided with information on possible referrals for lifestyle support that they can receive following their NHS Health Check.
  • GPs will continue to be an essential part of service delivery.

From January 2018 the NHS Health Check programme in Wakefield will be managed by Conexus Healthcare Limited:

Email: Conexus.Healthcare@nhs.net
Online: www.Conexus-Healthcare.org

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