Adult Social Care Market Position Statement



Below are the sections that make up the Market Position statement

Market Position - Key Messages

Key Messages Demand for care and support continues to increase as people are generally living longer as a consequence of medical advances together with the transition into older age of the baby boomer era. However negative lifestyle choices are impacting on the population’s long-term conditions be that smoking, alcohol consumption, obesity, lack of exercise. It … Continue reading "Market Position – Key Messages"

Market Position - Local Context

Local Context In addition to the implementation of the Care Act 2014, the next 12 months will see the simultaneous implementation of a range of far reaching local work programmes which will shape Adult Social Care within the District. These include: Integration of Social Care and Health – “Connecting Care” The “Connecting Care” programme is … Continue reading "Market Position – Local Context"

Market Position - National Policy Context

National Policy Context Implementation of the Care Act 2014 The implementation of the Care Act 2014 phased in from April 2015, seeks to overhaul Social Care and Support legislation into a single statue consolidating existing requirements and introducing new duties. The implications of the Care Act 2014 are far reaching and significant, imposing duties on … Continue reading "Market Position – National Policy Context"

Market Position - Demographic and prevalence

Demographic and Prevalence Data A wealth of data and information about the communities and neighbourhoods in the Wakefield District can be found on the Wakefield Intelligence Observatory at Below is a summary and analysis of the key demographic and prevalence measures which in our view impact upon the provision of care and support generally. … Continue reading "Market Position – Demographic and prevalence"

Market Position - Resources

Resources Adult Services gross spend (£000’s) by client group 2013/2014 Total All Client Groups All Adult Services – Gross Expend (as per PSSEX1 2013/14) In House Provision £’000 External Provision £’000 Total Gross Expenditure £’000 Total Income £’000 Net Expenditure £’000 Care home placements £3,946 £38,569 £42,515 -(16,435) £26,080 Domiciliary care £7,453 £10,052 £17,505 -(6,901) … Continue reading "Market Position – Resources"

Market Position - Main Areas of Commissioning Activity

Main Areas of Commissioning Activity Care Home Placements Wakefield Council’s strategic intent is to target resources to enable people to live independently at home for as long as possible, including investment in Extra Care Housing. However it is recognised that there is still a need to provide reasonable levels of stability and sustainability within the … Continue reading "Market Position – Main Areas of Commissioning Activity"

Market Position - Safeguarding

Safeguarding Wakefield Council has a duty to safeguard vulnerable people and has a responsibility to co-ordinate all safeguarding activity across the District. The Council has an Adult Safeguarding Board which is now independently chaired and Adult Social Care staff support the Board’s work, identifying and preventing risk of harm, investigating complaints and concerns. Across West … Continue reading "Market Position – Safeguarding"